Supporting Australians in Hard Times

We’re sure you’re in the same boat as us and are feeling saddened by the turbulent times we’ve faced in Australia recently. From the drought to bushfires and in some places floods, it’s been a rough few months.

We are here to help

DependaBell has partnered with MYOB to offer support for those affected by drought or bushfires. Do you, your business, or Not for Profit association need some assistance? We want to help.

A note from Fiona

Having moved recently to the regional town of Stanthorpe Queensland, I can now see how regional Australia has been doing it tough, first with the drought and now incredible bushfires. As with many city dwellers who are seeking a more peaceful existence, without the stresses of busy city living, we have fallen in love with the Stanthorpe area and community. Seeing this firsthand made me want to help, so I approached MYOB to see what we could do.

How we can help

If you are –

  • affected by drought;
  • bushfires;
  • or struggling with running a business.

I am offering the following services to those who need it most.

  • Free advice on bookkeeping and payroll *
  • Free assistance with bookkeeping*
  • Discounted MYOB software* – As part of this initiative, DependaBell can offer a year’s MYOB subscription at $20 per month.

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You can find all the details here.

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